Stations and Apparatus


Station 1, 186 NH Rt. 49 (Central)

This is the Main Station which Campton-Thornton Fire Rescue operates from and is staffed with 2 Full-Time Firefighter/EMTs, 7 days a week from 6 a.m to 6 p.m. This station houses Ambulance 1, Engine 1 and 3,  Rescue 1,  Forestry 2,  Car 2, and Utility 1, along with both our snowmobile and Special Operations trailers.


35 Car 1

This is a Ford F-150. This unit is assigned to the Fire Chief and is used for quick response, ahead of other apparatus.  It carries basic equipment for EMS, Fire, Motor Vehicle Accidents and Technical/ Water Rescue. The Rear of the unit has 2 mobile radios and can be used for incident command and accountability at large incidents. You can see that this truck has a cap on the back so the Chief can keep his gear out of the cab of the vehicle. This is important so that carcinogens (the main cause of cancer to firefighters) are out of the vehicle. 


35 Ambulance 1

35 Ambulance 1- 2019 Chevrolet/ Arrow which is equipped to the Paramedic level of care.


35 Engine 1

2007 Rosenbauer/ Spartan, which holds 2500 gallons of water and is used primarily for hauling water to fire scenes.


35 Ambulance 2

2012 Ford E-450 / Road Rescue   which is equipped to the Paramedic level of care.  


35 Rescue 1

2017 E-One.  This truck carries technical rescue equipment for High/Low Angle and Water Rescue.  It also has a cascade system for refilling SCBA bottles, as well as equipment for Haz-Mat and lifting. 


35 Engine 3

2005 HME/ Central States which carries 1500 gallons of water and equipment for Fires, Haz-Mat and Motor Vehicle Accidents.  This unit is our primary response unit for all fire related emergencies.


35 Snowmobile 1

2010 Ski-Doo Skandic Snowmobile which is housed in a 2- place snowmobile trailer outside of Station 1.  It tows a Rescue Toboggan that is capable of transporting a patient from the scene of an accident to an awaiting ambulance.  The Toboggan was donated by the Central NH Snowmobile Club, which maintains approximately 65 miles of trails in the three towns.


35 Utility 1

2013 Chevy Silverado which is used for transporting hose and other equipment after fires, transporting personnel to calls and towing our Special Operations Trailer.


35 Car 2

2010 Chevy Tahoe, which is used to transport personnel to calls in place of larger apparatus, as well as transportation to training's and towing the snowmobile trailer.


35 ATV 1

2005 Polaris Ranger 500, which is used for search and rescue, forestry fires, and other special assignments.  The tracks were purchased through an Assistance to Firefighters Grant in 2008, at no cost to taxpayers. 

Station 2 (Thornton Station)


This station houses Engine 4

This station is located on Merrill Access Road, adjacent to the Thornton Town Hall.


35 Engine 4

2001 Freightliner/ Central States which carries 1500 gallons of water and other firefighting and Haz-Mat equipment.  It also carries and AED.

Station 3 (Blair Station)


Station 3

This station is located at 428 NH Route 175 in Campton. This station houses Engine 2 and the Forestry during the winter months and the snowmobile during the summer.


35 Engine 2

1999 Freightliner/ Central States which carries 1500 gallons of water and other firefighting and Haz-Mat equipment.  This unit also carries an AED.


35 Forestry 2

2004 Ford F-450 which is housed at Station 3 during the Winter months and at Station 1 during the Summer.  The Forestry carries 250 gallons of water, 30 gallons of foam and several thousand feet of forestry hose.  It also carries a wide variety of tools and other equipment for fighting forest fires.  This unit was purchased with Funding from the 2004 Assistance to Firefighter Grant, at minimal cost to our residents.  Much of the equipment on this unit was purchased through grant money from NH Forests and Lands at minimal cost to our residents. 

In case you were wondering, 35 Forestry 1 was retired many years ago and not replaced.

Retired Apparatus


The old 35 Rescue 1

This truck is now retired and of to another department doing bigger and better things! 


35 Engine 5

Engine 5 was sold auctioned off with a sealed bid for $25,000. This truck will be dearly missed by many. Engine 5 is retired from being a fire truck and will spend the rest of it's life as a septic truck in Connecticut. 


Car 2

This is the former Car 2  a  2004  Chevy  Tahoe, this has been since replaced with a new vehicle. 


Original 35 Ambulance 1

35 Ambulance 1- 2007 Ford/ Horton which was traded in during the purchase of the 2019 Ambulance 1.