About Us

Campton-Thornton Fire Rescue provides fire, EMS, Haz-Mat and Technical Rescue services to the towns of Campton, Ellsworth and Thornton, New Hampshire.  CTFR covers approximately 125 square miles and 6,000 permanent residents from 3 Fire Stations, 2 in Campton and 1 in Thornton with a combined staff of approximately 30 Full-Time and Paid On-Call personnel.  

Fire Protection and Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention week is the second week in October. This is a great time to teach your children and family members about an emergency plan if you have to evacuate your house. This is also a great time for the kids to come down to the station and see the trucks! Feel free to do so at anytime, if  you have a larger group please call ahead to make sure that someone is at the station.



There is currently a very high fire danger. CTFD has responded to various outside fires not only in our community but surrounding communities for outside fires that have gotten out of control.  We ask that you do not leave a camp fire unattended and when you're done you make sure the fire is completely extinguished.

Forest Fire Season is Upon Us!

The snow is melting so make sure you get your fire permits! If you have any questions about how or where you can build a fire pit just give us a call at 726-3300 or come down to the fire station and speak to us in person. You can obtain a permit at the Campton Station, located at 186 NH Route 49 or right here online! Click here for an online permit.  

House Signs

Properly marking your house with an address number signs is essential, first responders rely on these signs to find your house in emergency situations. As some of you may know when you call the fire department you're in a time of need and time shouldn't be wasted looking for a house number.  Signs are available at Campton-Thornton Station 1 for purchase-$10. The fire department will put your house number on the sign for you. You can then place the sign at the end of your driveway so it's visible from afar. Sign post not included.

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Campton-Thornton Fire Rescue

(603) 726-3300


Duty Crew on Duty: 7 days a week 6am to 6pm

Business Hours: Monday through Friday 8am-4pm